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Name: Artorias Drevesk (Abysmal Slayer, Berserker)
Current Age: 23
Race: Human
Mortality type: Demonic Inheritance. (Demonic blood, Demonic possession)
Appearance: 6’3”, Muscular build, black hair relish-purple eyes. Large gash scars on his torso; one over his chest and the other just under his left rib cage. Stab wound on his upper right arm along with deep cut scars on the lower. Right eye is scarred over, being blind of sight. Laceration scars covering most of his back. Gash scar on his upper left leg. Left arm holds a deep gash wound just below the elbow from a near severing of the arm.
Family: None anymore. Killed by hanging shortly after Artorias’s birth.
Friends/Acquaintances: Mysterious warrior known as the Shadow Knight.
Equipment: Darkmetal Demon slayer armor(Armor alters appearance when Astorias' demon blood takes over him.) Bane of Shadow great sword and a Darkblade short sword(both swords are able to kill things in both the mortal and outer realms.) Smoke grenades, one-handed crossbow.
Magic/Abilities: Demonic possession.(Taps into his demonic blood, allowing the essence to consume and take control of him.)
Job/Profession: formerly a soldier in a mercenary army, now Demon hunter.
Factions: None. Wandering Loner Mercenary.

Bio:   Artorias Drevesk’s life has been darkened from the start, officially starting even before he was born. Artorias was to be born into a small hunting and farming family, being the child of Levron Drevesk and Narvesta Drevesk. The two already had three children, two sons and a daughter and had no want or need for a fourth, and were looking for a way to be rid of the child. They were initially going to drown the child after his birth. After Artorias’s birth, a roving band of corrupt Mercenaries, known as the Silver Fangs, were traveling through the area and “requested” a donation for their forces from the family. Artorias Drevesk was offered up as payment to the Mercenaries, who then accepted him. Still being a new born, Artorias was placed in the care of groups ”maiden”(polite term for group whore). A young woman named Nevra. Thinking they were out of it, the Drevesk family continued about their lives, only to executed by the Mercenary band later that night.  The Maiden caring for Artorias named him, and cared for him like an actual mother. Teaching him how to make his way, and often protecting him from the Silver Fang leader, a man named Dremon. The man was often drunk after the Silver Fangs did battle, and he took out his drunken fits out on anyone he deemed weak enough, often targeting Artorias. Shortly after turning 5, Nevra fell ill to a terrible sickness and shortly succumbing to death. Artorias felt vulnerable and weak without her, and for good reason. With Nevra’s death, Dremon began to use Artorias to take his anger out on. Brutally training him as a mercenary, or beating him into the dirt constantly from day to day. This went on for nearly 3 years. During one of Dremons drunken anger disputes, he cornered Artorias, and the boy finally snapped. Having a weapon in hand, Artorias leapt at the man and plunged a sword through the mans throat. Something clicked within Artorias after the event. He liked the feeling, what he just did. Artorias used the opportunity to bolt from the Mercenary group running as far his legs could carry him. 
    The next morning, Artorias found himself at a small trading city. He stumbled into the city, weak from running nearly an entire night, and collapsed in an ally way. In his sleep, He was found by a young Knight Noble named Eliques. Eliques saw great pity in the young child, and took him into his family, though only adopting him as a servant and someone to take under his wing. Eliques further trained Artorias in swordsmanship, teaching in more ways of self defense, rather than just how to kill like how Dremon had tried to teach. Artorias, despite Eliques’s kindness towards him, acted cold towards nearly anyone. Having no real childhood, Artorias had little time to experience anything related to happiness or joy. When Artorias turned 15, he left Eliques without so much of a word. He only was wearing Leather travel gear, and had a single silver short sword for self defense. He wandered for nearly a year, until he came across a farming town that was currently housing a rather large Mercenary camp. He was hesitant about showing himself at first, thinking they were the Silver Fangs, but became more lenient when finding out they weren’t. The group was known as the Eagles Flight. They were a more noble group, holding a higher cause in wanting to defend people, rather than kill. Artorias went to look for their leader, hoping to sign up with them. Their leader, a young man named Ezra. Ezra wore a light silver armor, and the helmet was in the shape of an Eagles head. He was tall and fit, having shoulder length hair that was dark grey in color. He was only three years older than Artorias. Artorias approached him with high hopes. While most of the Mercenary gang would have turned him down in a heart beat, Ezra saw something in Artorias. He accepted Artorias into the group, and personally took him under his wing.Ezra showed an upmost friendship and kindness towards Artorias, sensing the troublesome past he had gone through. Through this, Artorias also developed a trust and friendship in Ezra, and slowly became more open to others as well. One person in particular, was a young woman named Xaira. 
    Xaira, at first, was harsh towards Artorias. Her feelings towards Ezra made her aggravated out of Jealousy towards Artorias, seeing the amount of trust Ezra had towards him so quickly. Over the next two years, Xaira became more and more open towards Artorias, and eventual grew feelings for him. At 18 years old, Artorias was now an extremely distinguished fighter. His skills with the sword was nearly unmatched by anyone, and only by ezra. During a raid the Eagles Flight embarked on, Artorias risked his life to protect Xaira, taking multiple arrow shots along with a stab wound just below the left side of his rib cage. The act sparked her feelings for Artorias more over, but her hard mind set kept her from expressing it, until a turn of dark events cause Artorias to leave the Eagles Flight. A town was being savagely attack, while they were able to rescue a few, the number of casualties greatly out-weighed the number of survivors. The night took a drastic toll on Artorias, sending into memories of his helplessness into saving his foster mother, Nevra. As Artorias was leaving, Xaira chased after, finally catching him near a small woodland lake. Nearly in tears of him leaving, she expressed her desire of wanting to constantly be at his side. Artorias in light shock, expressed his care for her as well. After an embrace, the two shared a moment of intimacy with each other, sleeping in each others arms. Shortly after the fell asleep, Artorias awoke with a sudden sense of dread. He armored himself up again, taking his sword in hand and stood to protect Xaira. He was then approached by a man in dark skeletal looking armor,  a mysterious Warrior known as the Shadow Knight. The knight told him that dreadful events have been set in line that he would later come to face. The knight only said these words before vanishing. Artorias saw this as an omen, and decided to stay with the Eagles Flight. He returned to Xaira, waking her from her sleep and the two returned to the Mercenary band. 
    Shortly later, events started to show, as the Shadow Knight foretold. Little to anyone knowledge, Ezra had darker plans for his life. Wanting to own and rule his own Kingdom, Ezra sought darker powers and paths to fulfill his dream, and he eventually found an ancient dark prophecy known as the God Hands Eclipse. The Event would involve of Deity like demons being summoned and given a sacrifice so that the caller would gain immense power. Ezra had planned to use this on his enemies, though events began to change his mind. During a raid that had turned sower, Ezra was captured and tortured by a rival legion. They brutally beat and maimed him to the point of near death. Artorias was able to rescue his friend when him and Xaira lead an assault on the rival legions stronghold. Artorias came to near death himself when fighting the legions leader. After taking a stab to the upper right side of his chest. The pain set off Artorias, sending him in a blind rage. Artorias took the very sword cut the leader in half at the torso in a bloody fury. Artorias kept the sword, weapon itself stood as tall as Artorias was. He dubbed it the Bane of Shadow. After the bloody battle, Artorias and Xaira escorted their wounded friend out of the area. Ezra, seeing himself as a disgrace rather than a leader, fell into a deep state of depression. Shortly later, during the day of which the dark prophecy Eclipse was to happen, Ezra activated the ritual. 
    The sky darkened with a bloody red color and the sun was blotted out by darkness. A portal opened, and out poured legions of demonic monstrosities. Seeking their sacrifice. Ezra had offered his friends and his band of mercenaries as tribute. The demons took Ezra to the inner sanctum known as the Nexus where the Demon Deities sat in wait for their newest member. Artorias and Xaira desperately fought off the demon horde , watching their former friends and comrades fall one by one in a bloody massacre, until only they were only two standing. After, the two were seized and brought fourth to the Nexus and encountered a new presence. Their former friend Ezra, now known as Fathom. The Deities made Ezra one of them, giving him immense power, and he would use it on Xaira and Artorias. quickly fighting the two into submission. As Artorias fell to his knees, weekend from conflict, Fathom took Xaira, beginning to violate her in front of Artorias. Artorias flew into a blind rage and lunged at Fathom, only to be shot back. Artorias was reluctant to give up as he went for another attack to save his lover. He was halted as a demon monster clamped down on his left arm. Artorias began to desperately try and free himself, going so far as to stab at his arm, nearly cutting it off completely to break free. Once free he charged toward Fathom with the intent of slaughtering him, but was then pinning by more demons. As he was pinned, his right eye was gouged out as he tried to free himself, but was un able to do so as he helplessly watched his lover be raped and beaten by who he considered his closest friend. Slowly succumbing to death, a miraculous went happened. The Shadow Knight charged into the Nexus after fighting off hordes of demons before in an attempt to rescue Artorias and Xaira. He managed to do so, escaping from the demon realm with both Artorias and Xaira. 
    The whole ordeal brought fourth a new age of Darkness onto the world as demons continued to pour out of the portal and into the human realm. Bringing Artorias and Xaira to the safety of a small natural spring cave that was owned by a old miner, The Shadow Knight had the old man heal them. The spring was imbued with the powers of light. Three days later, Artorias awoke, his body covered in wounds and bandages. His mind blank for a moment before remembering the terrible events that transpired. He shot up from his resting place, looking for Xaira. Once finding her, he rushed to her side, his fears growing of what was to come. Xaira, after an exchange of loving words and thanks to Artorias, succumbed to death from the wounds of her ordeal. Artorias’s mind shut off, his eye blankly starring down at his now deceased lover. Artorias then ran, leaving the area as fast as possibly could. He had no care for his wounds as they reopened. He finally stopped at an open field, exhausted as he nearly collapsed. He shot up again, feeling a sudden burn at his side. Seeing an odd marking, and shortly later seeing demonic spirits approaching him. Behind him, the Shadow Knight also approached, watching him. The spirits then rushed at Artorias, trying to posses him or consume him. Artorias broke free and rushed back towards the Shadow Knight, taking his sword and being to cut down every demon in sight. This went on until the next morning. Brushed, bloodied and exhausted, Artorias stood, starring blankly at the rising sun. The Shadow Knight spoke to him, explaining the mark was like a brand. A symbol that attracted demons to him so that they could devour him. And then later telling him he would not be alone in this. The Shadow Knight then took Artorias back to the Spring, letting have any final moments alone. Artorias buried Xaira, his mind fueled with the want and desire for revenge, while his heart diseased with grief of his lover. Artorias spent the next few days alone in the spring in Solitude, before being approached the Shadow Knight. The Shadow Knight made a proposition. The Shadow Knight held demonic blood within him, and offered to share it with Artorias so that he would gain some powers to fight against the Demons and to exact revenge on Fathom. Artorias reluctantly agreed, taking the demonic blood within his veins. The Shadow Knight then gave Artorias his sword, the Bane of Shadows, along with a set of Dark Armor. The armor had a dark aura to it, almost like it was a living entity itself. Artorias took the armor, and gave himself a new Alias to go by, the Abysmal Slayer. The Shadow Knight reassured Artorias he would be there if needed, before taking his leave. With his shattered past pushing him forward, Artorias went forward taking up a solitary war against the demons and wouldn’t stop until he saw Fathom die by his hands. 
  • Listening to: From Ashes to New, Falling in Reverse
  • Reading: Manga stuff.
  • Watching: Berserk.
  • Playing: Halo, Destiny, Ark
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Soda


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